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When it comes to keeping your home or commercial building dry, you either have it or you don't. All Around Foundation Waterproofing provides solutions to permanently keep water out of basements, and our work is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the waterproofing industry. We specialize in spray-on concrete sealants that provide a seamless barrier against water under hydrostatic pressure, even if the foundation cracks.

All Around Foundation Waterproofing uses a premium polymer-modified asphalt membrane waterproofing product. Homeowners can rest assured that when their new home's foundation is coated with Hydra-Guard WB Foundation waterproofing, they will have a dry basement to convert to any use they desire.

Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Advantages:


·         Polymer modified asphalt provides stretch

·         High tensile strength to withstand soil load

·         Greater elongation for foundation crack bridging

·         Eliminates musty basement smell

·         Stops water penetration through the foundation wall

·         Reduces water vapor transmission

·         Withstands hydrostatic pressure

·         Commercial and residential warranties available.

Without the Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane your new foundation could leak. It could be next year, next month, or tomorrow. The truth is that any time is the wrong time. A concrete foundation offers little resistance to water and needs the protection that Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane provides.

Hydra-Guard Foundation Waterproofing combines the durability of asphalt with the elasticity of rubber to provide a long lasting barrier against water leaks. The Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing is spray applied to a new foundation to stop water from entering the basement.

Hydra-Guard elongates to over 1700% to bridge cracks in the foundation walls. That way, no water can get into the basement. Your new foundation is waterproofed!


Crack Repair

All Around Foundation Waterproofing LLC, uses hydrophobic polyurethanes to stop water leaks.  Injecting hydrophobic polyurethane foam is the best way to stop a foundation wall crack leak. This is because the liquid urethane fills the entire foundation crack. Once in the concrete crack, it begins to foam inside the basement crack. The expanding foam completely fills the basement crack and prevents future water leaks. Water will now remain outside of the basement wall and not be able to penetrate into the interior.

A typical 8' foundation crack can be repaired in one hour. This is because there is no drilling or chiseling needed to widen the foundation crack. The low viscosity polyurethane can enter even hairline cracks with ease and stop your basement water leak. 

 Hydrophobic Polyurethane Foam Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Advantages

  • Closed cell foam stops basement water leaks
  • Water stays outside of the basement
  • Strong bond to foundation concrete
  • Fills the basement wall crack entirely
  • Easy to use
  • No drilling or chiseling


Concrete Sealing

All Around Foundation Waterproofing can professionally seal your concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio from water. With All Around Foundation Waterproofing, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality job done right.

 All Around Foundation Waterproofing uses   A-Tech Concrete Sealer silane/siloxane concrete water repellent is a breathable 100% vapor permeable sealer.  Application can be performed by sprayer, brush or roller. The sealer penetrates below the concrete surface. The concrete will look the same as if it where untreated. The texture and traction of the concrete is maintained. Once cured A-Tech Concrete Sealer will make the concrete repel water, reduce staining, reduce spalling and protect concrete from de-icing salt attack.

There is no surface film, gloss or sheen to the finished product.

Vapor Barrier

Groundwater and high humidity can cause mold, mildew and rotting of your home's structure.  All Around Foundation Waterproofing will install a crawl space encapsulation system to block out soil gasses, lower the humidity and prevent odors from entering your home.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is a submersible pump that sits at the bottom of a sump pit, which is typically installed at the lowest point in your basement or crawl space. Ground water surrounding your home's foundation is channeled into a perimeter drain system installed at the base of the foundation. Water finds its way into the perforated drainpipes and is quickly diverted to the sump pit. The sump pump, which is triggered by a float switch, removes the water by pumping it to the nearest storm drain, dry well or detention pond. A sump pump turns on only when water inside the sump pit reaches a pre-determined level. 

Most new homes are equipped with sump pumps but older homes can be retrofitted with a sump system to prevent basement flooding. All Around Foundation Waterproofing are expert in the field of sump pump installation and repair.

 Drain Tile

Foundation drainage tile systems are one of the most important aspects of residential construction. Drain tile systems are also one of the most misunderstood aspects. Because these systems are usually deeply buried and cannot be easily modified or corrected, it is vitally important that they are installed correctly.

A foundation drain tile system has four main components. The drain tile (pipe), the filter media (gravel), the gravel cover, and the water outlet. All of these elements must be installed for the system to function properly.